Boulder Family Connections

Enhancing OUR children's learning TOGETHER!

BES Family - School Engagement Vision:

Our Family Engagement goal at Boulder Elementary is dedicated to educating and supporting all students and families. We strive to promote success through developing encouraging and engaging learning environments both at school and home.

Sarina Eckman

Family Engagement Facilitator

Our Family Engagement Facilitator is here to help promote and assist in engaging Families, Teachers and the Boulder Community in supporting children's education and wellbeing. Sarina was born and raised in the Boulder area and started as the secretary at Boulder Elementary. She is excited to use her knowledge of the community and the school to help develop engaging relationships for families, students and staff.

Boulder Elementary is dedicated to working with families to support the best educational experience for their children.

Sarina is open to meeting with teachers and families on how best to support them in building a system that benefits everyone.

Please reach out with any questions, suggestions, or comments.