January 31, 2021


Dear Parent/Guardian:


On January 31, 2021 Boulder Elementary School District was notified that a staff member had tested positive for COVID-19. The positive test was confirmed on January 31, 2021. According to the Jefferson County Health Department, the District’s staff and students were in contact with the person during the period of possible exposure. The adopted plan states that the school will close for 2-5 days for deep cleaning and begin contact tracing. As a result of this information, Boulder Elementary 7th and 8th grade will close February 1st to allow for contact tracing. 


The 7th and 8th grade classes will close and go to remote learning for February 1st only. Teachers have plans for the transition to remote learning. Your child’s teacher will post needed materials, remote schedule and office hours to Google Classroom. If your child needs to check out a Chromebook please email your classroom teacher for an appointment.

If any staff or students are at risk of direct exposure, the Jefferson County Health Department will be in contact with that person to determine a safe and appropriate course of action. It is still recommended that any person who feels sick or ill, seek out their medical provider for specific instructions. It is recommended that you stay home if you feel sick or ill, and get tested. The school district is in contact with the Jefferson County Health Department and reviewing the CDCs guidance to complete cleaning the school. 


Please note the district will strictly adhere to privacy laws and will not disclose identifiable information of those that have been impacted. The BES Leadership Team will continue to monitor the situation and will provide you with further information if and when it becomes available.




Ms. Pace‚Äč

COVID-19 Information

Phased Re-Opening Plan

Good afternoon BES school community,
Jefferson County is experiencing an increase in active COVID-19 cases, and some Jefferson County Schools have had to go to remote learning. The BES Board of Trustees adopted a phased reopening plan with benchmarks to determine when the district would shift to fully remote learning. I've attached the full plan, but have included the following gauges for your information:
Gauges of when to go to remote learning:
1. When we reach 1% of Jefferson County's Population with an active case: 11,778 =118 active cases.
2. Governor directs school closure.
3. A staff member that travels to each cohort/pod tests positive for COVID-19- Whole School 14 Day shutdown-determined by Health Department
4. A staff member that works in the kitchen tests positive for Covid-19- Whole School 14 day shut down-determined by the Health Department.
5. School associated cases increase
6. A member of a pod tests positive for COVID-19 (determined by Health Department) Possible whole school 2-5 day shut down, the close contacts will quarantine for 14 days, the other pods return after 2-5 day deep cleaning and contact tracing.
7. Absences reach 20%(example 120 students =24 students) could be tracked per class or pod, certified staff absences reach 27% (4 staff members absent), no subs available. (potential online learning in a classroom overseen by subs, remote for those classes)
8. Hospitals are overwhelmed.
A copy of the school newsletter and full plan will be sent home tomorrow. All information is available on the website.
Thank you for your continued support.
Ms. Pace

Phased Re-Opening Plan

Boulder Elementary School is committed to providing a healthy learning environment for all students and staff. With the current

state of health in the country and across the globe we would like to provide the following helpful links to information

concerning Covid-19 also known as Corona Virus. At this time there are ZERO confirmed cases in the state of Montana (per

DPHHS HAN update dated 3/9/20). We will update this page as needed and as new information becomes available. If you have

any further questions please contact the Jefferson County Health Department at 406.225.4007

From Boulder Elementary Student Handbook: 

ILLNESS - Ill Students will be sent home. When in doubt, the school will call home and ask the parent/guardian to make a

decision as to whether a child should remain in school, go home, and/or receive medical attention.  If the child is ill with a

communicable disease, a report from a doctor or health department may be necessary before the child returns to school. 

Emergency protocols will be developed and on file in the office and the classroom for students with IDEA or Section 504

disabilities which may require extra medical precautions. A doctor's excuse is required if a student is to stay in during recesses

for more than one day. 


Guidelines for Communicable Diseases: 

Three Day Measles: Five days or a doctor's permit 

Hard Measles: Ten Days or a doctor's permit 

Flu: one week or a doctor's permit 

Chicken Pox: Nine days from onset

Scarlet Fever: After all eruptions are dry 

Ringworm: Doctor's permit 

Impetigo: Doctor's permit 

Pediculosis: Doctor's permit 

Head Lice: Treatment and Nit free 

Scabies: Doctor's permit 

Whooping Cough: Doctor's Permit 

Pink Eye: 24 hours after Antibiotics started 

Strep Throat: 24 hours after Antibiotics started 

Closure Gauges